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Teaching English to Youngsters


Keyword Education uses Phonics as a teaching method to enable the children to read English quickly and skillfully step by step. Phonics instruction helps children learn the relationships between the letters of written language and the sounds of spoken language. From the phonics lessons, the young learners are enhanced by the skill of recognising the sounds of an individual letter, identify the sounds of combinations of letter and blend these sounds to make a word. Start learning to read, phonics is an English language de-code process to determine the new words that they hear or see. Aiming at the different age groups of youngsters, Keyword Education split the phonics class into a beginner level, intermediate level and advance level.

Longman English At Beginner Stage (3–5 Years Old)

This phonics stage is for the kids who are 3 to 5 years old. The stage will help the young learner to study the sounds’ relationship between the letters to empower the youngster could identify the word when they hear them.

Through the learning of the rules of the alphabet sounds, children could build their intuition and feeling of the letters and sounds. Meanwhile, the youngster should be able to associate the letters with its sounds naturally and improve their skills of listening.

Longman English At Intermediate Stage (Above 6 Years Old)

Enable the kids to be dictated the words by learning the sounds’ relationship between the alphabets. For this group of students, the school will put particular emphasis on the pronunciation of the phrase rather than a letter. At the end of the term, the youngster should be adept at the dictation or even can pronounce it when they saw it.

Longman English At Advance Stage (Above 6 Years Old with Completion of Intermediate Level)

The young learner will be familiar with the English pronunciation and able to achieve an efficient reading. The advance classes are going to focus on the pronounce the stress words, recognising the syllables and pauses of the sentence and the accent of English, to continually improving their reading skills.




  • Efficient KESDCTM cyclic learning system

KESDCTM learning system is a highly effective English learning system designed for non-native English speakers. This teaching and learning system is a teaching method that we have accumulated over the years from our learning, experiential, practice and evaluation. Through the scientific STEAM teaching mode which STEAM stand for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. Moreover, the various practical courses are integrated into the diversified English environment to enhance comprehensively. Improving the English communication skill will enable the youngster to communicate internationally and broaden their horizon. The students also can take the PTE and GESE test to check the progress of English learning, then set up a further goal.

  • A comprehensive and authoritative course system

Whether a young preparatory course or the listening and speaking course, keywording education has consistently been extending their products service to meet the needs of young Chinese learner. Longman original PocketsTM and BackpackTM, Pearson new Big EnglishTM and Oxford New Headway are key curriculum materials used by our teaching centres. Besides, taking the world’s leading CLIL content with language integrated learning method into our English classes. At the end of the term, we will analyse the overall performance of our students by adopting AFL Technology. In combination with a series of teaching materials and teaching methods, the Keyword Education provides comprehensive English education solutions for Chinese students age from 3 to 16 years old.

  • N+1 professional teacher service system

The Keyword Education provide a high-quality teaching services team composed of CSA (Customer Service Assistant), SA (Student Assistant), LT (Local Teacher) and FT (Foreign Teacher) to assist our students efficiently. Whether it is a foreign teacher or a Chinese teacher, Keyword requires every individual teacher must acquire qualified certificate authorised by PTE, TESOL, TEFL or equivalent authorities. As part of our experienced teaching service team, the teacher should be able to help students to set up learning goal, develop learning plans, and keep track of students’ progress at all stages.


We All Learn English at Keyword

我现在9岁了,学习英语已经有三年时间,在关键词教育学习英语也有一年了,我从小就喜欢学习英语,对英语很感兴趣,我性格开朗活泼,喜欢表现自己,但是我不喜欢背单词,来到关键词青少儿英语,在课堂上就能学会听、说,单词记得又快又不会忘,我真的很开心! —— Legend

I am nine years old, have been studying English for three years. It has been almost a year since I joined Keyword Education. Since I was a little boy, I like learning English, and I am interested in English. I am cheerful, lively and love to express myself. However, I do not like memorising words. After I came to the Keyword, I can learn to listen and speak English. I also can remember words fast and will not forget. I am really happy! —— Legend

大家好,我是Emily,今年12岁 我在关键词教育学习英语有三年多了,老师都对我们很好,还参加了朗文达人秀比赛,在今年的比赛中还得了第一名。但在大赛中看到那么多优秀的小伙伴,我感觉要向别人学习的东西还很多。我以后会更加努力学习BACKPACK ,争取更好的成绩。谢谢关键词青少儿英语的老师们! —— Emily

Hi, I am Emily and 12 years old. I have been studying at Keyword more than three years. All the teachers are very friendly to us. I joined Longman’s talent show competition this year and won the first prize. While in the match, I met a lot of good friends and they are powerful competitors. So, I feel like I still have many things need to learn from them. I will be working harder to learn BACKPACKTM for the better results. Thanks for the Keyword Education’s teachers! —— Emily

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