The Emerald City of China-Shenzhen

SHENZHEN is a clean, modern Chinese city that got its start in the late 1970s after spending centuries as a small fishing village tucked behind Hong Kong. Nowadays, Shenzhen is one of the five largest and wealthiest cities of China with over 12 million people. Shenzhen is a fascinating, culturally diverse metropolis, and here are the top 10 reasons why you should be living and working in Shenzhen.

1. Advantageous Geographic Location

Shenzhen is located in southern China on the east side of the Pearl River Delta, bordering Hong Kong to the south. One perk of living in Shenzhen is that it is easy to escape from it. Think about if you have a sunny weekend that you want to hang out with your friends. Hong Kong is within reach of a few train stations, a trip to Guangzhou only takes an hour on the express train. Again, Shenzhen has international flights from 5 nearby airports to Thailand, Philippines and more, which means you can be on your journey without any hesitation.

2. The Beaches

Shenzhen is blessed with its exceptional advantages location, we lived up to everything you would expect from a coastal city.

Beaches in Shenzhen include Dameisha and Xiaomeisha in Yantian and Xichong Beach in the south of Dapeng Peninsula. With the sprawling beaches, you should be enjoying bathe in the sun and take a dip at Dameisha and Xichong beaches, the two public beaches. Supposing that you would prefer a luxurious and private beach experience, then the Sheraton Dameisha Resort could satisfy all your needs.

3. Decent Environment

Unlike any other Chinese cities, the urban landscaping of Shenzhen was designed by covering with a variety of verdant plants on every street corner and apartment complex. This is the name of the Emerald City of China comes from. Furthermore, Shenzhen has 15 parks for you to enjoy your day off with sunshine and greenery surrounded. You can either ride a bike along the broad walkway in the Mangrove Park or lazy the day away on the lush lawn of Lianhua Park. In addition to what has already been said, Shenzhen was among the 10 cities with the best air quality, so take a deep breath and enjoy the decent air quality.

4. Chinese Cultural Diversity

Shenzhen was the first of the Special Economic Zones established in China and it showed the most rapid growth over the last 40 years. It draws a mix of business people, investors and migrant workers to its golden gates.Shenzhen is an immigrant city as it offers much more flavours than most other cities in China. With people from all different parts of China, the cultural diversity is the main characteristic of the city which includes a wide range of Chinese cuisines, standardised language, fast growing infrastructure, and the open – mindedness of the population. Shenzhen was even voted as China’s Most Dynamic City and the City Most Favoured by Migrant Workers in 2014. The experience of living and working Shenzhen will be unique for you.

5. Worldwide Cuisine

Shenzhen is paradise for people who are gourmets. There has an abundance of different cuisines and eateries. Do not underestimate the significance of food in Chinese culture. Shenzhen is a melting pot of Chinese cuisines from Cantonese cuisine featuring fresh local seafood to Sichuan and Dongbei cuisine. You can taste all kinds of Chinese cuisine you want to try in Shenzhen and subvert your understanding of Chinese food. Also, there are many Asian and Western – style restaurants, you do not need to worry about if you miss your home cuisines. Do not forget there is a big advantage to eating out in Shenzhen is the price, it is cheaper than eating out in the UK.

6. Art District

From graffiti to upscale galleries, Shenzhen’s art scene is just as open and diverse as everything else about this place. Shenzhen will not disappoint you with its outrageous and innovative talents, there are so many places for you to hang out with your friends in a relaxing place. OCT Loft is one of the best places you can spend an afternoon there, it feels like vintage New York Soho with lots of cool little souvenirs. While Guan Shanyue Art Gallery is f