City on Rivers – Wuhan

You may be unfamiliar with the name called Wuhan, but you probably want to add Wuhan to your travel list after reading this blog.

At the centre of the Long River’s course to the sea and on the main rail line between north and south China sprawls the tripartite city of Wuhan. Wuhan is the capital, Hubei province was situated on the Jianghan Plain in central China. Wuhan is an attractive large city in the interior central area of China that in some way it is less modernised than Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, but it is one of the most significant cities that undertakes China’s main high-tech, education and financial centres.

Wuhan consists of three towns, Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang, which segment by Yangtze River and Han River. Each town plays the important role as part of Wuhan city. A lot of universities are in Wuchang as it is the cultural centre; Hankou is the most prosperous town in Wuhan as it defined as a commerce centre; Hanyang is one of the three districts in Wuhan to undertake the industry of the city, which provides full support to the development of Wuhan.

Wuhan is the city with the perfect combination of the history, thriving and natural wonders. There are several places you should visit among hundreds of places of historical interest and scenic beauty, which are the Yellow Crane Towers, the Guiyuan Buddhist Temple and the East Lake Park.

As a commerce centre, Hankou is honoured as the paradise of shopping in the city. Avoiding the brand clothes, bags and shoes, there have local products and gifts with Wuhan characteristic you might find interesting.

Turquoise Sculpture 绿松石雕

It is a kind of sculpture made of the high-quality turquoise raw material in Yunyang area of Hubei province. The sculptures were carved into animals, flowers, and figures. Also, turquoise is a rare jade, so the turquoise sculpture has a high collection value.

Jiangling Archaised Lacquer Artworks 江陵仿古漆器

The Jiangling archaised lacquer works can be traced back to ancient Chu State, and it is famous for its elegant appearances, bright colour and durability. From the colour drawing, covering with gold leaves and intarsia, the fabrication of the lacquer works is complicated and delicate.

Silk Flower 绢花

The silk flowers produced with its unique exquisite appearances and vivid colour in Wuhan. Peony, rose, calyx, chrysanthemum, orchid and other kinds of flowers can be the theme of silk flowers.

When we talk about Chinese cities, it is impossible to ignore food. There are two famous places for local snacks, but one of them is for night snacks (宵夜 xīao yè) called Jiqing street; the second place named Hubu Xiang which is perfect for breakfast (过早 guò zǎo, the way how Wuhan people say breakfast). Jiqing street. include all kinds of Hubei featured food plus classical folk musicians around you. If you were in Wuhan, I strongly recommended three Wuhan snacks for you which are Re Gan Mian, Steamed Wuchang Fish and Fried Bean Sheets. With the rivers surrounded, Wuhan cuisine earns its reputation from fish. In Chairman Mao Zedong’s poem, he said ‘I have drunk the waters of Changsha, come to eat the fish of Wuchang’. So, the streamed Wuchang fish cannot be missed by epicures.

Wuhan is also a city with impressive nightlife. You can either relish local snacks and appreciate the folk artisans in Jiqing street or walk along the river and have a cup of coffee to enjoy the peaceful night in Wuhan. Otherwise, you can go to the cinema with friends, or spend time at the nightclub, karaoke rooms, bars and pubs.

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