Procedures for Applying for a Chinese Work Visa

Since the 1st April 2017, the new ‘Foreign Work Permit' policy was announced to standardise the aliens who come to China for employment. Some changes have been made to the requirements of the Z visa and Foreign Expert Permit to teach in China. The new policy had stated out that teachers must meet new requirements to secure a work Z visa, the updated requirements list below:

  • Original passport with at least 1-year remaining validity and two blank pages.

  • Passport holders must come from native English-speaking countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and USA.

  • A Bachelor’s degree is required as a minimum in any discipline and should be achieved within native English-speaking countries.

  • DBS check, FBI check , etc. known as the criminal record check or a clear background check.

  • No TEFL is required if you are a qualified teacher in your country or your discipline is education/English teaching for your undergraduate course.

  • Beyond that, you can either have TEFL certificate or two years teaching relevant working experience (reference letter may require as evidence).

  • Good health conditions.

Once you have met the requirements above, you are eligible to apply for China work Z visa. Before submitting the China work Z visa application, you must get a government issued Employment Permit as part of your request. Do not be confused, though the processes are seemed to be complicated, Chel-C Education will assist our candidates from the very beginning. In simple term, China work Z visa could separate into four stages:

  1. Employment License/notice

  2. Apply for Z visa

  3. Residence permit

The first step should be done by your employer – Keyword Education. As a subsidiary of Keyword Education company, we will help you to obtain all the documents you need, and the documents should send to Keyword Education to apply for Employment License. Once they have received Employment License, they will email it to you in both English and Chinese. The candidates should print out the Employment License 2-sided in Chinese and English by themselves.

Then you will need to apply for your Z – visa with all the necessary documents (the required documents may vary from country to country, please check with our assistant team before you submit your application).

After you have been issued your work Z visa, then you should start to pack your luggage and be ready for a trip to a mysterious country of the east. Do not forget to tell your employer your arrival date so that they can pick you up from the airport.

Once you have arrived in China, there are two things need to be done as soon as possible, which is register at your nearest police station and convert your single-entry Z visa into a one-year residence permit in 30 days. Please keep this in mind that the single-entry Z visa is only eligible to enter China once, so this means the candidates should not exit country until you acquired a residence permit. Otherwise, the working visa will become invalid. Your employer should take you to get these done within time.

Now you are legally working in China. Congratulations, enjoy your new life style and do not forget to share your new experience to your families and friends.

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