The Advantages of Having a Chinese Employment History

China is an economic superpower that is hailed for its work ethic. One hears stories about how people nap at work, never go home and have an unfailing commitment. Moreover, Chinese know how to multi-task and work in pressurized result driven jobs. Compared to western business procedures, it feels like the Chinese are 10 steps ahead.

Yet, the stories we get to hear make the Chinese sound like a robot and their work ethic has been people shying away from opportunities to work in China. Yet, if you’re considering furthering your career, including China in the loop can be a good idea. In fact, having a Chinese employment history can actually prove to be beneficial for your career’s future. If you’re considering working in China, the following are a few advantages that you will be able to enjoy with a Chinese employment history.

A Solid Work Ethic

As mentioned earlier, the Chinese work ethic is actually pretty legendary and having a work history showcasing your tenure in China will mean that you were groomed to work in a similar manner. Even learning Mandarin can do wonders to change the way you think. It is said that as you learn a language, you learn the culture and get a glimpse into the way the people think. The Chinese are much like their language, difficult to understand on the surface but effective and able to convey what they want once you see the method behind their madness.

Able to Work under Pressure

In a Chinese business environment, there can be a lot of pressure to perform well. The culture as well as the business environment requires excellence and the ability to handle multiple tasks at once. For the Chinese, tardiness is something that is frowned upon and not looked upon in a favourable light. If you have a Chinese work history, it means that you embody these qualities as well. It isn’t easy surviving in a Chinese work environment and if you were able to do that successfully, it can make you stand apart from the rest with ease.

An Understanding of Different Cultures

With a Chinese work history, it is a given that you have a fluid understanding of the Chinese culture. A mind that has been stretched by a new idea can never return to its old dimensions and a person who has experienced more than their own culture cannot go away without having learnt a lesson or two from it. This greater understanding will allow one to be more flexible as well as understand just how to work with Chinese businesses.

Ability to Meet Deadlines

The Chinese business environment is very result oriented and it is easy to see that it will make an impact on you. By having a Chinese work history, it means that you were able to successfully produce results that were beneficial for the company. Having a no-nonsense, business oriented approach can help you not only in your work but in your life as well. So, it’s time to sign up for some Mandarin classes and make a few positive changes in your life.