China as a Global Super Power

Over the years, China has quickly morphed into a global super power that can impact and influence various industries in a positive or negative manner. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be coming as such a huge shock that China is a global super power. They have a rich history which has been overshadowed by western influences.

In fact, it is rather common for the west to downplay all the ways that China has made a global impact on the world. If you’re curious, take a look at how China cemented its status as a global super power throughout history.

From 1100 to 1800

China was a seat of economic power, with a flourishing trade system which made the west look like a child in comparison. Records’ dating back to 1708 show that China was the major producer for steel across the world, capable of producing around 125,000 tons of steel. This was unmatched by any other country. Even by 1788, England could only produce 76,000 tons.

Even when it came to technology in textile, the methods used by China were far superior. In fact, by the time England had a textile revolution in the 18th Century and modernized their textile techniques, China’s were 8 centuries old, tried, tested and true.

Another area where China excelled was in trading. China was naturally positioned to enjoy trade with South Asia, Europe, the Middle East as well as Africa. Goods from China such as cloth, silk, agricultural produce, paper, printing materials, inks, paints, dyes, firearms and more were some of the best and most highly sought after.

Decline in the 18th Century

In the 18th Century, British Imperialism began to be on the rise. The British Empire cleverly adopted many of the technological advancements, innovations and trade practices from Asian countries and tried to strong arm their way to the top as a super power.

From trying to take over the marketplace to funding and instigating unrest in China, the demise of the Han dynasty and making means of narcotics. The British made use of military tactics as they were unable to successfully compete with China in the marketplace. Even then, they relied on insidious tactics, making use of compradors. In a weakened state, China was quickly demolished with internal fights and by the 1920’s; China was torn completely apart because of the Japanese Imperial invasion.

The Revolution

By the mid of the 20th Century, China experienced a communist revolution that while long drawn out, proved to be successful and aided the country in making a recovery from the wounds it had previously suffered. In fact, the Communist revolution can be said to be responsible for helping shape modern day China.

Unfortunately, unjust portrayals of China in the Western media have been responsible for much of the backwards prejudice that China has faced. It took China nearly 150 years to right the wrongs done to their status but having established themselves as the second largest super power in the world today; it is safe to say that no one can contest this fact anymore.