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China - Cultural Diversity at Its Best

If you’re looking at the media’s depictions of China, which aren’t many and not always in a favourable light, you might not be aware of the cultural hot pot China actually is. Not only does it have strong historic roots, it is an extremely culturally diverse country.

With a booming population coming to around 1.379 billion, it is no surprise that China has around a total of 56 different ethnicities that it officially recognizes. All these ethnicities have their own language and dialects with Mandarin being the common language that is mandatory for everyone to learn.

Religious Tolerance

China’s huge population is comprised of people of almost every religion. China does not have a major religion of its own and citizens are free to follow any religion of their choice. This means that many major religions, including Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Taoism can be commonly found being practiced here.

Buddhism and Taoism have a stronger hold here as monks have been a part of China’s history and have even been responsible for contributing to the architecture as well. In fact, there are plenty of places of worship to be found here. The interesting aspect is that despite so many religions being present in China, everyone has the right to practice peacefully and with ease.

History of Trading

Even in the earlier years, before China was properly established, it was sought out by foreign travellers such as Christopher Columbus because of their exotic spices, teas, precious stones including jade and silk. In fact, the Silk Road was crafted particularly to make trading with other neighbouring countries easier for China. Over time, China has developed its economy to encompass more routes as well as places.

This has become more obvious as they have continued over the years. From trading simple items to becoming one of the largest trading partners for different countries, China’s cultural diversity encouraged and made it easier for many countries to establish business franchises there. China’s history of trading has encouraged interaction with other places and opened different routes and channels which have all contributed to the overall cultural diversity of the place.

Not Just the Language

The cultural diversity of China has showcased itself, not only in the language but also in other forms such as the cuisine, music and dance, sculpture and more.

Spread out throughout East Asia, China’s culture is not restricted to one entity only. This has allowed for a very rich school of thought to evolve in China.

From the clothing to the food, music, art and even calligraphy, China’s culture has evolved overtime due to the diversity in China’s population. This has produced such a rich magnificence that many people flock to China to view the amazing collection of art it has inspired. At the end of the day, China’s diversity has definitely given birth to a unique country that has managed to hold on to a timeless charm that still has a strong pull to this day.

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