Cost Of Living In China

Despite the rises in price in China, the cost of living is still dramatic lower comparing to countries such as Unite Kingdom, USA, Australia and Canada. Although, you may find that your monthly salary is lower than your home country, but you will be surprised about the lifestyle that you can afford over there. On the top of the cost of food, travel, rent and activities, you should still be able to save a large amount of your salary.

Cost of Rent

The cost of living in China has declined in recent months thanks to the burst in the housing bubble. For renters, this is an opportunity. The average rent for one bedroom in cities such as Shenzhen will cost you about £200 to £300 per month, which it is significant cheaper than the rental price (£400 to £800 per month) in the UK or USA. However, with Chel-C education, you will be provided the free accommodation, and this will allow you to save a large of amount of earnings. In regards to the utility bills, you will expect to pay around 30 pounds for gas, water and electricity.

Cost of transportation

Transportation cost is relatively low for someone based in a big city like Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen. China has reliable and excellent public transports. Buses and underground tubes cost under 30 pence or less per trip. Many people choose to cycle or ride scooters, which is often the easiest and cheapest way to travel short distances in China. Taxi only costs around £2 to £5 depending how far the distance is.

Cost of food

China offers a wide range of cuisines. People eat out often to discover the variety of the food. The cost of food in China is also very low. It will only cost you £5 to £8 for a proper meal in one of the Western or nicer Chinese restaurants. For example, a quick meal such as noodles and egg fried rice will cost you £2 to £3 whereas a three-course meal in a nicer restaurant will cost you around £8. If you decide to cook, you will be able save a lot more, as food such as chicken and vegetates are relatively cheap. For example, chicken breast (1Kg) cost about £1.5-pound, carrots(1kg) cost less than 50 pence.

Cost of Leisure activities

There are plenty of things that you can do in your spare time in China, as it offers amazing nightlife, a unique culture, plenty of drinking and dining options, and leisure activities. For those who want to go to Gym, you will be glad to know that it will only cost you around £10 to £20 per month. If you are a movie fan, you only need to spend around £4 to watch a new released film in the Cinema.

Average Cost

Food & Drinks: Restaurant lunch/dinner: 30 – 80 yuan (£3.4 - £9) Drinks 2 - 10 yuan (£0.2 - £1)

Activities: Cinema around 40 yuan (£4) Monthly fitness membership- 120 to 150 yuan (£15 to £20)

Utilities: 300 yuan (£34)

Phone and Internet: 300 yuan (around £34)

Transportation: Buses/underground train 1 to 3 RMB (30 pence or less), 30 minutes taxi ride 30RMB (3.4 pound or more)