A Paradise for Foodies: The Legendary Eight Cuisines in China Part I

There is no better way to know a country by tasting their food and, as vast and diverse as a country like China, there is a wide variety of dishes and taste from different provinces. To eat like a local and avoid any unnecessary discomfort of burning your tongue by unmerciful chillies, here I am introducing you the legendary eight cuisines in China, that not only summarise all the flavours you can find in China, but it also tells you the different characteristics of the regions.


Guangdong/Cantonese Cuisine 粤菜 Yuècài

Characteristics: Sweeter, favoring braising and stewing, adding various mild sauce

Signature dishes: Dim Sum, Streamed Seafood, Fried Rice

Cantonese food is originated in Guangdong area, exactly where Shenzhen and Hong Kong locate, so it is definitely the easiest to be found on every streets and alleys in the city. Since Guangdong is close to the South China Sea, fresh seafood is one of the signatures in the area. When you walk along some canton seafood restaurants, you may find them keeping the living seafood like scallops, abalones, prawn, lobsters and all kind of interesting creatures in a huge glass tank. Even if you are not a big fan of seafood, I am sure it will change your perspective about it after having a taste of the fresh food there! (Also, don’t forget about the mighty DIMSUM! Which will be introduced in our log soooonish!)


Sichuan Cuisine 川菜 Chuāncài

Characteristics: Spicy and bold, often mouth-numbing, using lots of chilli, garlic, ginger, and peanuts

Signature dishes: Dandan Mian, 'Pockmarked Granny' Bean Curd (Mapo Tofu), Fried Bean Curd and Beef with Cayenne Pepper (very spicy)