Essentials for China, and more!

So, you’re preparing yourself to move to China, and you’re wondering what to pack. Do they have your regular necessities that you have from home? This blog is here to help. You’ll be surprised with what you can get in China.


Travel Essentials

The first thing you will probably need are plug adapters. In China, you can use the same plugs as the Americans and Europeans use, as well as a three-pronged socket. Try and make sure that you have enough to be able to plug in and charge all your devices.

Secondly, make sure that the mobile phone you bring is sim free so that you can get a sim card once you arrive. I’ve found that China Unicom has been reliable. If you have the option, go for more data heavy plans as everyone you meet in China will most likely use WeChat for everything, including messages and calls.

Thirdly, make sure that you download a VPN before coming to China, especially if you want to access social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and What’s app as these are all blocked in China. It is very difficult to then download a VPN once you are in China. One of the most popular VPNs is Express VPN. This allows you to use streaming services such as Netflix and will give you 24-hour support. However, this comes at a cost, $99 (roughly £75) for 12 months, although, they usually have deals where they extend the time. For example, they now have one for $99. There are other options, which are cheaper or free. These are good alternatives if you’re not concerned about streaming websites such as Netflix, such as Astrill, VPN 360 and others. Make sure you do your research on what VPN will suit you before you come.



Toiletries are typically easy to find in the major supermarkets in Shenzhen. However, deodorant tends to be more difficult to come across, especially spray on deodorant. It is possible to find though, it usually involves asking the staff in the stores. But, if you have a preference of a deodorant brand, make sure to bring some with you.



While medication is widely available in Shenzhen, both western and traditional, you can bring any preferred medication, such as pain killers and cold medicine. Many times, the pharmacists will not speak English, however, they are usually more than willing to help you. Using translate apps has never been more useful.



If travelling from the UK, if you can, bring some chocolate and other snacks if you can. Chocolate seems to be pretty limited out there, but you can get your fix of Dove chocolate, which is basically galaxy, and M&Ms. But if you want Cadbury’s dairy milk, you will have to bring some, or travel over to Hong Kong to find some. It will be an easy way to make friends. British snacks are more difficult to find in China, it is much easier to find American snacks. So, if you’re travelling from the UK, and you like your biscuits and other snacks, make sure to bring some with you.


For the most part, you can find almost everything in Shenzhen, they have a variety of supermarkets where you may even recognise the brands. So, you do not need to over pack, just make sure you have the necessities that you need.