Top Things to do in Shenzhen

Shenzhen, also known as the emerald city, is a clean and very modern city in the South of China, bordering Hong Kong. It has many places you can visit and many things to do. This blog post will talk about some of the things you can explore once you’re there.

Coco Park

Coco Park has it all, shopping centres, restaurants, bars, clubs etc. Here you can get your fill on both Chinese and Western food in a large range of restaurants and bars. It’s very popular both amongst the Chinese locals and the expat community in Shenzhen. Some of the places to check out in Coco Park are:

  • McCawley’s – An Irish Pub where they show sports and offer western food.

  • Club viva – A club that has a good vibe, has a dance floor and many places for people to sit

  • Bus Grill Turkish Steakhouse – Ever eaten steak in a bus before?


Sea World

A popular plaza based in the district of Shekou, not an aquarium as it sounds. Sea World is a very popular place for foreigners, with many western style bars and restaurants. Known for its imported German and Irish beer. In the centre of Sea World there is a big cruise ship, which has been re modelled into a hotel. Some places to check out in Sea World are:

  • Kabir’s Indian Restaurant and Bar

  • Muslim Noodle House

  • HH Gourmet Bagels


Ping A Finance Centre

Come and see the views from the 4th tallest building in the world, 115 stories tall, and an elevator that travels at 10 meters a second. Inside the building contains offices, a hotel, conference centres, a high-end mall, and an observation deck. To go to the observation deck, they charge 200rmb per person, however, they will give you a discount depending on how many people you go with.


Shenzhen Bay Park

Shenzhen Bay Park is a seaside urban park where you can walk/run/ride bikes along the body of water separating Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It has beautiful views along the 13 km long path with open green areas along the way.


Electronics Market (Haringey/华强北)

Known to many is the world’s greatest electronics market. There are many things that can be bought here, such as LED screens, wires, phone and phone parts, lights, security equipment, headphones, Bluetooth speakers. The list is endless. The y market is known as China’s Silicon Valley and is very popular amongst people from all over the world. Prices tend to be higher for foreigners, but with a bit of haggling, you can get a fair price, this is common in China.


Window of the World

Window of the world is a large theme park based in the Nanshan district. Allowing you to walk around and visit up to 130 mini replicas of different sights from around the world. There are many other activities to do, such as archery and indoor skiing.

These are just some of the examples of things you can do in Shenzhen, the city is very big and has many more things that can be done as well as being very close to other cities, such as Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macau.