Ultimate Luxury and Extreme Affordability - A Union Made in Chinese Heaven

When you’re travelling, your budget is the biggest consideration you should have. Smaller budgets mean that you might have to forgo certain amenities and luxuries while travelling, but this isn’t always the case. If you pick a place carefully, you can find that even your meagre budget can easily fulfil your wants and needs. One of the best places to travel on a budget happens to be China.

Most travellers, when visiting China, draft a travel itinerary of its most famous cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai and more. However, these cities tend to be extremely expensive. With a limited budget, you might find it difficult to even spend a week there easily. Luckily, China has some perfect spots that combine ultimate luxury with extreme affordability. The following are a few of them:


One of the most beautiful cities in China, which is also featured on the RMB 20 note, Guilin is in close proximity to Hong Kong. With a river and mountains situated a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Guilin shows the perfect harmony of nature, embodying the term, ‘urban jungle’ completely.

A favourite of locals and foreigners alike, the city is extremely affordable and you won’t have to deal with a lot of crowds. English isn’t commonly spoken here so brush up on your Mandarin. With cheap amenities, you can expect to spend the night comfortably for £15-£40 per day.


The least talked about town in China, Fenghuang is also one of its oldest. Time appears to stand still here and it still preserves a very authentic, ancient Chinese aura. This is partly because the town has not evolved at all for a few centuries and it is visible to see. Hidden in a mystical manner, the town has an abundance of nature with breathtaking mountains and river views as well.

Travel in Fenghuang is done through rowboats as the town has evolved around the river in complete harmony with nature. At night time, paper lanterns light up the streets, giving the whole town an ethereal look that cannot be equalled anywhere. Accommodations also come cheap and you can get a comfortable room for £12 - £79 per day


Situated close to Fenghuang, Zhangjiajie is a natural park with some of the most unique mountains. These were the ones used in the film Avatar to showcase the exotic landscape of Pandora. The rocks jut out vertically, reaching up to the sky and do have an unearthly quality to them. On foggy days, the mist blankets the bottom, making it appear as if the rocks are floating on air.

Trekking is encouraged with the help of a tour guide as you can easily spend days here trying to explore it. It also has one of the longest cable car rides in world and the sights you get to see make it worth it. Accommodations here are comfortable and cheap in the form of hotels and hostels and you can expect to get a room for £6 - £25 with ease.