How to travel in China

One of the great advantages of working and living in China is the opportunity to explore the vast beautiful country with over 5000 years of history. The Great Wall snaking out into the horizon, the breath-taking view in the Jiuzhaigou National Park in Sichuan, the neon splendour of the Bund in Shanghai, and so much more! The question is where to start and how to do it? Here are some useful websites and handy tips for you. Let the adventure begin!

Picture: Jiuzhaigou National Park

  • Destinations

It can be difficult to choose when there are too many choices. Check out some recommendations when you’re looking for the inspiration. The website of China Highlights ( offers some great ideas to discover China with an introduction to a variety of attractions and things to do in English.

Other useful guidance can also be found from Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor.

  • Transport and hotel booking

China has an extensively developed rail network. It can be very convenient and comfortable to travel by train especially by the high-speed express train. You can book train tickets on Ctrip (, but you’ll need to show up to the station to collect yours in person. Bring your passport because you’ll need it to get tickets and sometimes even to board domestic trains. Always give yourself extra time to get to your train. Chinese train stations can be massive, and security/bag checks are routinely done which can add delays.

China Highlights also specialized in train ticket booking service. It offers schedules, maps, and other information on the train stations and routes in China. When booking tickets, you can either have them delivered, or simply pick them up at the train station.

For everything else, we recommend Ctrip, which has recently changed the name of its English website to Trip ( You can use it to easily book flights, hotels, train tickets and rent a car with the card of Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay.

Hope you find the information in this blog helpful when planning your next exploration in China. Bon voyage!