3 Days Trip in Beijing

Beijing is a fascinating place to travel. Are you planning to go to Beijing for a few days? We have put together all the best famous sights to see in a nice schedule. We will also recommend some delicious and traditional Beijing food to you. Have a read to find out what you can do and eat in Beijing.

Day 1: Great Wall of China, Qianmen & Peking Duck

The Great Wall of China (One of the eight wonders of the world)

[if !supportLineBreakNewLine] Although Badaling is the most well-known part of the Great Wall, Mutianyu is mostly recommended by local people. Compared to Badaling, Mutianyu is less crowded where you can take your time enjoying the beautiful and unique scenery from the Great Wall. It is suggested that you start your journey as early as possible in the morning, because it takes a whole day to enjoy the great trip. The most convenient way to get there is taking the bus 919 or 877 from De Sheng Men Station. It takes about 70 mins if the traffic is good. The bus ticket is only 10 CNY and that of the Great Wall is 45 CNY per person. You will arrive at a path up to the Wall and then you can hike at your own pace through 22 Guard towers until you hit Xi Ma Tai. The view from this section of the Great Wall is magnificent. If you are not good at hiking, the best way to enjoy the trip is taking a cable car. The return ticket is 80 CNY.

Peking Duck

Almost as famous as the Great Wall of China is Peking Duck in Beijing. There are many places to get this delicious food. The place I would recommend is Quan Ju De Restaurant (30 Qianmen St, Dongcheng District). It's the most famous and traditional Peking Duck restaurant whose duck is simply wonderful. They cook the duck in a traditional method that makes the fat crispy and lean. Once your duck is cooked to perfection, one of the chefs cuts your duck table side into 102 perfect slices of meat. Reservations are strongly recommended. The price of a whole duck can be as cheap as 298 CNY depending on the size.

The reason why Quan Ju De Restaurant QianMen branch being recommended is that after you finish the delicious duck, you can walk to Qian Men Da Jie to enjoy the old and traditional Beijing street view. The 845 metres long Qian Men Da Jie runs south from Tiananmen Square, just along the Beijing central axis. It is one of the busiest streets in Beijing. There are different kinds of shops and restaurants, including Quan Ju De we mentioned above. You may visit Qian Men Da Jie from the north entrance, south of Tiananmen Square. We strongly recommend you taking the Diang Diang Che (Beijing oldest traditional tram), which run from north to south on Qian Men Da Jie. The ticket price is around 20 CNY per person.


Day 2: Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, Jingshan Park & Beijing Traditional Lamb hot pot [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

Tiananmen Square

Take the number 1 line underground to Tiananmen west or Tiananmen east station. If you are interested in the flag raising ceremony, you need to arrive there at around 5 o’clock in the morning. Or if you are not an early person, you can just go there in the morning and spend only about 15mins to take some pictures and then the main thing to do is visiting the Forbidden City.

The Forbidden City

This place is gorgeous! After you enter the city and order an audio guide, you will find yourself transported back to a time when emperors roamed these courtyards and gardens. There are 9,999.5 rooms in the Forbidden City. Take a moment to check out the interesting rock wall in the gardens towards the back. The ticket is 40 CNY per person. Kindly reminds that the Forbidden City is closed on Monday.

Jingshan Park

After you walk through the entire Forbidden City, you can cross the street from the underground tunnel and enter Jingshan Park. The hill you will climb up is made of the earth that was displaced to make the moat that surrounds the Forbidden City. Waiting for you on top is a beautiful view of The Forbidden City and a temple. Admission is only 2 CNY.

Beijing Traditional Lamb hot pot

No matter it is summer or winter, the traditional lamb hot pot is a must-have dish in Beijing. If you don’t like lamb, you can choose other kinds of meat. Dip the meat into the traditional Beijing hot pot sauce. It is simply amazing. The most famous and delicious place is Ju Bao Yuan Hot Pot Restaurant, whose address is 5-2 Niujie St, Xicheng District.


Day 3: Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven & Beijing Zhajiang noodles

Summer Palace