United States

Step 1

Background check

The background check can be applied at three different levels in the US, which is local, state and Federal level. For most situation, local or state level CRC is sufficient.

step 2

documents certifying

Usually there are three documents required to be certified, Degree Certificate, Criminal Record Check and TEFL/TESOL certificate. If you consider yourself to be qualified for TEFL exemption, please kindly provide us with supplementary documents, e.g. reference letter, teaching certification etc. for



  1. Have your documents certified by a solicitor or notary public.

  2. Apostille your documents by the Secretary of the State where it is executed.

  3. Get your documents authenticated by Chinese Embassy/Consulate.

step 3

Work permit acquiring

The Work Permit is a legal document from the foreign expert supervision department of the employer. This document means the holder has the legal right to work in China as a foreign expert. It also allows the holder to apply for a ‘Z’ visa and residence permit. Applications for a Work Permit can only be submitted by the employer in mainland China.

Once all your documents are ready, please email the clearly scanned version to your employer. They will help you apply for the Work Permit in mainland China.

Step 4

Z work visa

There are two ways for submitting your visa application in the US, by yourself or by a visa agent. In the US, you don't need to book an appointment for submitting your application. Postal service is not available in the US.